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The Emotion Code


are you hurting?

The Emotion Code is a potent method for addressing emotional wounds and those stubborn emotional barriers that we tend to carry with us. Think of it as a transformative energy healing and balancing technique that delves deep to uncover the root causes of discomfort and persistent concerns that like to linger in our body and spirit.

So, why is releasing these trapped emotions such a big deal, you ask?


Well, it's like clearing the path for your body to work its healing wonders. It's akin to decluttering your emotional space, allowing you to redecorate your life. Once these emotional hurdles are out of the way, problems suddenly become more manageable, and you can address them with confidence. And the best part? It's like unlocking the secret to finding more happiness, better health, and an abundance of positivity in your everyday life.


The Emotion Code is all about setting you free to live your best, unburdened life.

how it works.


Trapped emotions are identified using specific questioning and muscle testing (kinesiology). The process of identifying a trapped emotion brings it into your consciousness so it can be released with intention. You may experience a memory or feeling when the emotion is identified, and it has the chance to be acknowledged and released. Magnetic energy helps with the release


The Emotion Code can be used to address various types of issues, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or social in nature. This technique is particularly beneficial for problems that have persisted over time or haven't responded to other forms of treatment.


Sessions can be conducted either in person or online, offering flexibility and convenience to suit your individual preferences and needs. Whether you opt for face-to-face meetings or virtual sessions, you can expect a comprehensive experience that often incorporates coaching when it proves beneficial. This additional coaching component is designed to provide you with guidance, support, and personalized insights to enhance your understanding and application of the Emotion Code. It ensures that you receive not only the technique itself but also the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively address and manage your emotional well-being. Whether it's helping you navigate through challenging emotions or working towards your personal goals, this coaching element aims to empower you in your journey towards emotional healing and personal growth.

Synthia Miller The Emotion Code Facilitator (6)_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Synthia!

As a Life Coach, Emotional Code Practitioner, and Parenting Coach, I'm passionate about empowering individuals to navigate their healing journey. My own experience with trauma, including fertility challenges and postpartum heart failure, ignited my commitment to healing and helping others facing similar struggles. Through energy work, therapies like Reiki, and clinical modalities, I've gained valuable tools to facilitate healing.

My mission is to guide parents through their challenges, helping them understand the impact of trauma on their parenting. I'm dedicated to providing tools and strategies to create a positive and nurturing environment for their children. Together, we navigate the path to healing and personal growth, fostering an environment where children can thrive and parents can find solace in their journey.

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Synthia Miller The Emotion Code Facilitator (6)_edited.jpg


Synthia is an incredible Emotion Code facilitator. She has worked with me to identify and release several emotions rooted in childhood trauma. She has also helped free break down the walls guarding my heart from years of people pleasing behaviours. I feel lesss focused on the past and more focused on discovering my most authentic self without inhibition or influence.
She has also helped break down the walls around my heart from years of people pleasing behaviours.


I approached Synthia with severe hip pain, which began after my brother's tragic death 7 months ago. She introduced me to the concept of trapped emotions - negative feelings stored in the body causing physical pain.

Skeptical but desperate, we worked on releasing seven such emotions. The next day, I woke up without the usual excruciating pain. My pain level dropped from 9 to a manageable 3. 

This transformation has been life-changing. I am eager for more sessions with Synthia and can't express enough gratitude for this new lease on life.


I experienced Synthia in her brilliance of energetic, emotional shifting.  What I felt was a release of old traumas that were stuck in my body.  It was magical, not fairy dust and sprinkles of magic but powerful magic with life-changing shifts outside the box.  She absolutely nailed even the dates of the traumas.  I was powerfully affected in the best way.  In fact, I am hiring her to have her attend the retreat I'm hosting to bring her magic there!

If you have a chance, experience Synthia! She even nailed the specific trauma dates.

Synthia Miller The Emotion Code Facilitator (6).png

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