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Cultivating Presence and Calm

HeartMath Resilience for Moms

Service Description

Are you a mom feeling like you're constantly running on empty by the end of the day? Join our HeartMath Resilience for Moms workshop to learn essential techniques for keeping your inner gas tank full. This 6-week series focuses on empowering you to understand and manage your heart rate to enhance your presence, patience, and calm in daily life. What You’ll Learn: HeartMath Techniques: Discover how your heart rate directly affects your ability to stay present and calm. Stress Management: Learn practical methods to pull yourself out of fight-or-flight mode quickly. Emotional Resilience: Build the skills to maintain emotional balance and energy throughout the day. Class Format: Duration: 6 weeks Schedule: 6 weekly sessions, each 60 minutes long Format: Live online via Zoom Benefits and Outcomes: By the end of this workshop, you will: Gain a deeper understanding of the heart-brain connection. Learn to manage stress and enhance emotional resilience. Improve your ability to be present, patient, and calm with your family.

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