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This is a one-month coaching package to help you become a more mindful parent, who makes decisions out of love rather than fear and stress.


Your child will benefit too!


You'll learn how to be less reactive, connecting and raising your child with empathy. We'll explore your triggers and how they are affecting your parenting decisions, establish a practice to expand your emotional mindfulness and integrate an honoring of your needs into the family culture

If you feel:

  1. Overwhelmed with the daily tasks and responsibilities of parenting,

  2. Overstimulated by the constant demands and needs of your children,

  3. Frustrated with your children's behavior and not knowing how to handle it,

  4. Angry and resentful towards your children and parenting in general,

  5. Like you're not able to handle the pressure of being a parent,

  6. Like you're not able to balance your own needs with the needs of your children,

  7. Like you're not able to be the kind of parent you want to be.

You are NOT alone. I am here to help.

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"Perfect parenting is a myth. The goal is not to be perfect, but to be the best version of ourselves as parents. To love, guide, and support our children as they grow and make mistakes, and to always strive to do better.”

The benefits

Better understanding of your needs and triggers

Self-care plan

Enhanced connection with you family

Better understanding of your child’s communication

A calmer and balanced home


Call us and get a FREE 15-minute consult

so you can determine if coaching is right for you.


We’re here to support your family, no matter the age or stage you are at.

Pick your path to

Unlock your potential

and thrive as a parent

  • Intuitive Healing Session Package

    3 individual sessions of Intuitive Healing with Synthia. $225 Value.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 60 Minute Intuitive Healing Session
  • 1-1 Coaching & Intuitive Healing

    1 Month of Coaching and intuitive healing - 4 weekly 90-minute video calls. $900 value
    Valid for one month
    • Email Support
  • Group Coaching

    1 Month of Coaching - 4 weekly 20-minute video calls
    Valid for one month
    • Limited to 3-4 individuals
    • 20% off your first 1-1 consulting session to dive deeper
    • Email Support
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Stress And Wellbeing Assessment (SWBA)



Take charge of your wellbeing today with our Stress and Wellbeing Assessment. Developed by the HeartMath® Institute, this scientifically validated assessment takes only 15-20 minutes to complete and is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of specific aspects of stress, wellbeing, and resilience that are essential for a healthy life.


By answering 72 questions, you'll gain insights into the level of stress you may be experiencing as well as the quality of your wellbeing and resilience. This assessment will also help pinpoint rankings in each of the 12 aspects, so that you can focus more intelligently on transforming the stress.


At Parent+Family Empowerment, we understand how important it is to create a customized roadmap tailored to reach your unique wellbeing goals. Our four or eight-week Coaching programs provide personalized support and guidance throughout your journey of growth and transformation.


Take the first step towards improved wellbeing and resilience today by scheduling your Stress and Wellbeing Assessment with us.


Please note that the certification course and license are only accessible through HeartMath® for HeartMath® Certified Trainers, Coaches, Mentors, and other non-clinical providers.
**The Stress and Well-Being Assessment administered by our company is not the same as the free survey offered via**

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Upcoming Workshops and Classes

  • How to Set Boundaries in a world full of takers.
    How to Set Boundaries in a world full of takers.
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Are you tired of feeling like everyone around you is taking advantage of your time and energy? Do you struggle with setting boundaries in both your personal and professional life? Parent + Family Empowerment is here to help with our latest event.
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